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On being well liked
I am really wondering something after MFF. It is apparent to me that I'm not well liked. I have a couple of friends but most of the fandom wants nothing to do with me even if I try to be friendly and inviting. And yet people who have less social skills than I do have more friends and are more well liked. People I could have sworn everybody doesn't like know where all the parties are and I end up seeing them having con sex in videos posted later.

What am I doing wrong? Is it because I don't go to dances? Or go on SL? Is it my appearance? Am I not chatty enough? I'm stumped.

(P.S. LiveJournal has gotten very quiet, I am considering more or less abandoning it.)

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Remember that you do have friends. Because of fandom, compared to a 'average' life, you're highly saturated in social contacts and are burdened with the natural human desire to want 'more.'

MFF had 2285 registered attendees. You can drive yourself crazy, thinking of the majority of them as 'possible friends' because you share the mutual link of being furries, having suits, having art, etc.

Yes, you don't get along with the dance crowd, the SL crowd, the shallow crowd... because you aren't part of them. But you do have friends, those rare few whom you have built something.

That's more than a lot of people.

Personally, amongst the 120 Class-3 Nursing Students, the countless employees at Kindred, and 2300+ people who shows up in Rosement last weekend, maybe 10 of them are 'friends.'

Always be thankful for what you have, no matter how great or small.

You often seem fairly pessimistic. That, multiplied by your bluntness, probably sets people away.

You seem to have a lot to say about me but I'm not sure who you are or how you know me...?

I don't have much to say about you at all, because all I know is what I've read in your livejournal over the past year or so.

I just kind of... randomly found you. You're a friend of someone who is a friend of one of my friends, and I had decided I wanted to branch out a bit.

You're an asshole, so people tend to want to avoid you because of that. I'm the same way, I just present it differently.

And really, you aren't missing much; Con sex sucks, the people getting it are shallow assholes with no life outside of furry. Half those people don't even have a real job, and all they do is sit around and play video games like a pack of worthless morons.

You really aren't missing anything. I'm teasing when I pick on you, I consider you a friend, I'm just not the overly sexual or cuddly type of friend.

Thing is, I'm an asshole to people I don't like, or people who are already my friends and are prepared for it.

But to people I'm trying to hook up with (not like that... well, not necessarily like that, anyway) - I am nice and it still doesn't work.

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