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Need help from European Super Smash Bros. Brawl fans!
So as you may or may not have seen, my Wii is bricked.

I am able to boot games with recovery mode but I can't get into the menu. I may be able to fix it, if I run the Smash Stack exploit on the PAL version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

I am a fully legit owner of the USA version, but the USA version crashes in autoboot mode. I've read reports that the PAL version doesn't.

I tried all the pirate sites but they all have a modified version that fits on a 4.7GB single layer DVD. This does not work on my Wii because the unsigned content bug is broken. I need the full, real, DVD9 double layer version.

If one of you out there has the game, could you be a sweetheart and dump it to a .wbfs file using WiiBackupManager and send it to me? Get in touch and I'll give you an FTP or something you could use.

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(Deleted comment)
Of course I didn't BootMii, out of fear I might brick it. :P

It bricked because it got hung running WiiSCU.

I tried everything else and Smash Stack is the only hope left. Apparently my Trucha is gone so I can only run real games.

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